Saturday, March 9, 2013

Repost: Journey of a Friend

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” - Elizabeth Foley

At Mam Carpio's place preping for
HS Reunion (December 23, 2008)
It’s been 14 years (plus/minus months and days) since we’ve met on our first years in high school and maybe 12 to 13 years of just hanging around and experiencing true friendship. I don’t know exactly how we became close friends. But while I ponder on our beginnings, we indeed have a few common things that I believe have brought us together; first is the love of the PBA game (including the players) and second the admiration for BSB’s music (for those who don’t know BSB, it stands for Backstreet Boys). Yeah, I know it sounded very cheesy but that was the IN thing that time. I still continue to watch PBA (if I have time) and listen to BSB. 

RSHS reunion the girls Moni, M-ghee, Cherry, & Charm
Anyhow, more than the love of the game and music, we discovered friendship at its purest. I personally discovered that friendship is not built on looks nor faith but on genuine human connection, which is brought together by common characteristics and believes and strengthened by the acceptance of differences. Our friendship is not all laughter and joys. There were moments of doubts and desolation; doubts of how much you knew each other and desolation based on a decision that has to be made. I realized that it’s all part of growing up as individuals and the effort of rediscovering each other. We may not have all the secrets of each other, we may puke or be shocked on some revelations, we may even sometimes lift our eyebrows on weird actuations, but the bottom line is that your friend is already part of who you are and who you decided to be.

Dinner @ Greenfields with mam Mayci, Moni, & M-ghee
With this, I would like to send my deepest cheers to this friend of mine, Monira, who is preparing to embark on her journey with the man that she is destined to be with. You didn’t have my full confidence when you first decided to go this path, I couldn’t remember exactly why but I know that it’s mostly out of immaturity and I’m glad that you followed your heart. Rest assured that I will always be the other person on the line whom you can always count on bad, worse, or worst times. I may not always have an answer but I can always listen (and pretend to look like I’m thinking of an answer… hehehe). I believe that same goes to the rest of the gang (TG). God bless you always. And God bless your journey. =)

I just remembered that I have created this post for a friend (posted last January 27, 2009 @ my Friendster account then). :D I am so thankful for the friends that I have. Happy Birthday to my girls, Monira & M-ghee! :)