Monday, August 5, 2013


My 20-day challenge has finally ended.. (more or less).. now, I'm back to doing my normal work. It was both a crazy and fun experience.. and more sleepless nights.. but the company is worth it. As per request by SOMEONE, I'm posting here the message that I have given during the closing ceremony yesterday. Here goes...

It's been 20 days since we first met Mam Shelly and Sir Wax from Job and Esther Technologies. At that time, I was thinking that it was just like every other training that we've been through. Well, after 20 days, and an average of 18 hours a day.. there's no doubt of how important this training is, not just to us as participants but most especially to the future of game development in the city. And with all the media exposures (it actually feels awkward to watch yourself on TV) and the people that are gathered here right now, it's impossible to miss this huge weight of importance as well as opportunity.

I was asked, why did I get into this training. First and foremost, I was asked to do so by my boss. On the other hand, I said yes, because it's an opportunity that is hard to miss. Learning something new and innovative and most especially from the industry experts themselves is something that you don't get easily. This training helps us see what we can still improve on our graduates especially us who is inside the classroom. As an instructor, knowledge and experience that we have gained here will greatly help us in molding and motivating our students to be the IT professionals that the industry need. Getting into this training, it is inevitable that I will be with my former students. At school, I was their mentor, now, I consider them as colleagues. And while working with them, I couldn't feel more proud to watch how much they work hard and still maintain a good outlook in the midst of their struggles... and despite the haggard look. I remember, one of them mentioned, “this is like our software engineering subject again.. only you do it every day and every night”. s

To the participants, I hope that you will not only think of this as an opportunity for a job for you. But also an opportunity to open doors for the future graduates of our school and of the city. It is a great achievement and fulfillment to watch you, as you fulfill your goals and cheeses in life. You might not know everything yet but that doesn't prevent you from doing something new. To all the participants, your presence here is a testimony of your hardwork and endurance... as in great endurance. I hope that you will all continue to be motivated and to strive for excellence. As Sir Alvin mentioned, this is just the beginning, there's still more to come.

I also want to personally thank my boss, our department head. Thank you for allowing me and Danrie to participate here and for your continued support on our graduates. To see that this group actually compose the majority of our graduates, I know that you are doubly proud. Thank you, Mam.

The group would also like to thank Sir Wax. #Alam Na. Sir, thank you for the patience... the commitment... as well as the laughs. It made everything less hard. Thank you for inspiring all of us, in Equela-style. We wished that we were able to share with you more of the beauty of the city. But maybe next time (we hope(!) that there's next time).

To all the stakeholders, thank you very much for giving us, the graduates, and the city this kind of opportunity. Special shoutout to Mam Mau, Sir Louel, Sir Mike, Mam Marj, and the people behind the Zamboanga ICT Council. You all made this one happen. And I hope you will never cease to work on and achieve this mission as well as your higher vision for the IT professionals of this city.

Thank you very much. Muschisimas Gracias a todos! 

Additional note: I am also very glad to have the opportunity to work with some new crazy people. :D All in all, it was an enriching experience both professionally and personally. Thank you, guys! :)

NOTE: #AlamNa is the expression that we used to convey something indirectly. It literally means "(you) know it already".