Monday, June 10, 2013

HBD 2013

Birthdays seem to be the toughest day to ponder on... the weird thing about it is that you really don't know exactly how to act and what to do... except by default: say thank you to all those who greets you... accepts gifts to those who gives and say thank you... and then, prepare food. About 2-3 years back, its only my mother (with the help of my brothers & sisters) who prepared the food for my colleagues and friends... now, I personally prepare the food myself, the main reason is that I want to learn how to cook... so all the food I prepared is not always an assurance that it's good except my mother's suman. The preparation can be exhausting, on the other hand, it kept you from thinking "Oh my God, I'm a year older again!" :D

The past year was truly a blast.. and I mean, Katy Perry kind of fireworks. A lot of things happened that I never even thought possible or even wished for. Through the years, I just learned to not wish on what I don't have and what I don't have control over... rather, I learned to be grateful of God's everyday blessings manifested through my experiences and the people close to my heart.

I personally want to thank my teenhood friends (Mon, Nashra, Cherry, Charm, Mg, Marsh, Babe, & Lynette), ex-Omeds (Lee, Paul, Shims, Fats, Faith, Luisa, Mike, Nor, Joy, & others), you girls/boys will forever be part of my life. To mam Mayci, you knock my head when it needs knocking, you are not just a friend but you are my sister from different parents. Also, special thanks to my boss, mam Ciel, for the trust you continue to give into my work & for supporting my "other" life. :D

To my beloved sisterettes (Marisa, Melody, Lorie), thank you for putting up with a brat like me all these years. You are 3 of the strongest women I know, and I always and will always look up to you. We might sound like the 4 malditas but you help held the family together. And to my bros (too many to mention), thank you for being tough for the family and for still having deep compassion in your hearts.. maybe less on the beers next time. And this thank you extends to your kids and deserving wives.

This day is not possible without my strong-willed-super-compassionate mother, who brought me into this world just by peeing. Thank you, Momsy! Thank you for always protecting me from siblings food squabble, cooking, and most importantly laundry! And most of all thank you for supporting me even if you are scared of the decisions I made & still make. We were never rich in money but I never felt poor. You teach us to live a simple life but rich in relationship with people and with God. If I can wish for something, I wish and pray that God will continue to give you good health... as well as all the people surrounding me.

And a final special shout out to the one at the other side of the globe, thank you for lighting the first candle for my birthday... and for some other things. ;) You are the sweetest thing ever! Please reserve that candle and more candles for future candlelight dinners. I look forward to more moments of us together.

Thank you everyone, from A to Z! :)