Sunday, February 8, 2015

LTS: February Bliss (Update)

UPDATE (08-Mar-15 20:34)

It's time to update my February list... a bit late but well, better late than never... :)

Now, let's have a look what was planned... I have to be honest that this list barely came to my mind given the jam packed schedule that I have for this month... but here goes...

  • Warm Shower with aromatic candles - This is not so uncommon but I do it with a twist... first, my shower does not have a heater... but I usually do it the pinoy hot shower way... boiled water inside a balde with tabo... :) second, I only have used (normal) candles during blackouts :D I can't do much with the first one, but I can easily buy that scented candles.

    *** Sorry, but this was a no go for this month... no time to buy scented candles.... I still have the ordinary ones, and I only get to use it during blackout... I'll have to consider this again for next month.
  • Create something beautiful - Start a creative project... hhmm... it's been a while since I have done something creative... well, except the dream board... but I just have one in my mind.

    *** Instead of my planned creative project, I had to do my actual project for my thesis... so no go, for this one this month... :(
  • Travel! - Oh-uh... february is not really a time for travelling especially with work at hand... maybe a local scene will do... :) although, I might have something in mind for April.

    *** I almost have this one... but as predicted this is a no go for this one... but still working on this for April... and looking forward to it. :)
  • Cup of hot cocoa with a good book - This I'll definitely do! My mom have special cocoa reserves. ;)... and a book reserved!

    *** Ah, yeah... this one is done... Good thing we have a stock of cocoa! :) The book is still to be finished though. :)
So, over-all it's 1 out of 4... it doesn't look good but given the happenings for this month, I would have to say that I did more than the list! It was an unexpected February mainly because I have found new friends who reminded me how good life is and how worthy and loved I am. That's more than enough to last me the entire year! :)

ANAWIM Concert 2014

Have you ever seen priests singing in a concert? Here in Zamboanga, you can! :)

Got the tix! :)

Once in a year (or two), the archdiocese of Zamboanga prepares one of this events where you see priests, seminarians, and nuns sing (and dance) their heart out with ballad and pop songs.

This year's theme is "Do Justice and Love Kindness" and proceeds goes to hospitalization of our clegrymen.

For those who witness the concert, it was pure fun and party parteeeyy! :)

 Here are some of the highlights!
We're a bit early... prepping for the show!

Our clergies give it a go!

End of show party parteeyy! :)
With family :)

Not to be missed... our guardians :)