Sunday, March 8, 2015

LTS: Manic March

I started this monthly LTS list with the aim of rediscovering my self and finding that self-sustaining love that will get me through whatever struggles I encounter through life. If others have their new year's resolution list, I have this monthly task for myself. And so far, not everything in my list was achieved! :D Not because I don't want to do it, but mainly because there are things that come your way that was better than what you planned to do... which makes life super exciting.

But given that, why would I term this month as manic? Well, this is the end of the semester so it is expected that more tasks will be at hand. And also, I was looking forward to this month late last year but it didn't turn out how I want it to be... so this idea might be my downer for the month.

Good thing I have this list to look forward to... so let's check this month's list.

  • Eat your favorite comfort food! Something that reminds you of fond memories - I'm not so sure about this... only because I love eating and eating generally comforts me. :) Anyways, I think I'm going to choose something that I have to cook myself (which is something that I don't normally do)... so basically, I'm excluding ice cream here :D
  • A good massage to relieve your muscles and restore your balance - No explanation. I just look forward to this! ;)
  • Write the Bible verse and carry it with you everyday - Someone took from my mirror the little note that I made of one of my favorite verse... but the thought of my little note with someone else and inspiring that person makes me super glad that he took it. Now, I have a reason to do another note.
  • Schedule a date with an old friend and reconnect. - This is very timely because an old friend of mine is in town... and we're going to have a date this coming week. I'm excited for this!
That's it for this month... I hope it wouldn't be as manic as I thought it would be. We'll see... :)

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