Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bundles of Joy

"For we are God's masterpiece" - Ephesians 2:10


Get ready, mga nengs, when these tiny feet start to run!
It's surprising that whenever you see a newborn child, you can't help yourself but smile and appreciate the beautiful mystery of life. The child doesn't even know your name and hasn't done anything yet but sleep, cry, poop, suck, and sleep more. But deep within there's a fire of happiness and of excitement... and it's not even have to be your own child. I believe that when God created humans, He must have the same feelings of joy and more.

Today, I will send my joyous congratulations to two of my best friends who have once again delivery bundles of joys into our lives (in just a month! record breaker! :D)... these bundles of joy will later be little firecrackers who will mess up the room once again... and play around with our 10 shots and whatnots (nice job, Pao!). The TG might need a bigger room on the next gathering! Whew! 

Congrats Marsh for the new baby girl... and Monira for the new baby boy! Let's try a big TG family picture next time... and dami ng juniors! :)

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