Monday, January 26, 2015

LTS: January Startup (Update)

(UPDATE: 7:28PM 01.02.2015 )

Time to rediscover myself again... changes have to be made... from within and from outside. 

The plan: Achieve the weekly ways to love yourself as suggested by Marjorie... and that would be 52 ways for the 52 weeks in a year.

I have not done this kind of thing, that is, follow a how-to ways. Not even a new year's resolution. Well, I did but I haven't thought about it the month after. But I'm giving this a try. This is my way of waking up the inner fun within me which I would usually display for the world... and which I think has been dormant for some time. I might have to make some difficult decisions along the way but let's not get ahead of our heads.

Ok... I'm a little late for the start of the year, so I just have to get into the entire list for the month of January. Note: I have not read ahead of the ways because I want to surprise myself along the way.... and I'm not copying the entire text here, just a gist. 

  • My playroom ;)
    Time to exercise - I have to check this one as done. After  looong while, I just got back to dancing sessions again this year. In fact, I started on the first week :) and I don't have plans to stop anytime soon. How does it help? Aside from the benefits we already know of exercise from the experts, I think it also helps clear the battles within your mind, which you need to be able to think and decide clearly.

    *** So far, so goood... I have finally gotten my groove back... only missed 2 sessions... and in addition, I tried the new TRX (see picture)... and well, ahm, maybe I'll get used to it some day. :D
  • My Dream Board :)
    Dream Board - List your dreams and create a dream board. Accordingly, it will remind you of the things that matter most to you and pray for them daily to make it come true. Uhm... I think this will be a challenge, especially if your dream is becoming just an illusion. But well, we can dream on!

    *** It's on board! It's been a while since I have made some sort of an art project, and this I really enjoyed doing. My actual written dreams is not included in this image but I guess you get the picture. ;) I have also included some of my favorite quotes from books for more inspiration.
  • Full sleep - Sleep for eight hours and have a good rest. I want this... I just have to learn to ease up my mind before bedtime. So far, I have been sleeping for 4-6 hours (and worst, waking up crying within that time).  Let's see.. the target bedtime: 9pm-5am / 10pm-6am.. uhm... I hope I can manage that.

    *** Well, partially achieved this one. Most of the time, I achieved the 10pm target but in some nights you can't just easily drop the book that you are reading. So, on average it's 7-8hours... more 7 than 8 :) But the point is to have enough sleep, and over-all I have... way better than before.

  • Updated playlist - Listen to your favorite song preferably worship song. Oh-uh.. would it make you more depress if your favorite songs are mostly about separation and heartbreaks? I can always switch to praise songs. But in general, I think this will be fun. Time to activate that iPod again!

    *** This one is both sweet and melancholy. I just love some good soft music... and despite everything, I couldn't stop myself from including (in my opinion) some of my favorite love songs. All in all, this is just a feel good list with the main theme: Hope & Love. :)

    My list are longer but to be brief here's my top 10:

    1. All of Me (John Legend)

    2. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways (MYMP version)

    3. All of the Stars (Ed Sheeran)

    4. All This Time (Tiffany)

    5. All Cried Out (Allure)

    6. I Still Believe in Love (Jenny Hyun)

    7. The Art of Letting Go (Mikaila)

    8. Rainbow (South Border)

    9. Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)

    10. Love Alone (Caedmon's Call)

    * All videos courtesy of YouTube.

    Moving on... :)
  • Identify your Core Gifts - Write it down and thank God for them. "This will remind you how you are wonderfully made by God!" This is heavy when you feel unworthy of your self. But the list is the list. And it is part of the goal.

    *** This is a bit heavy for me. I think mainly because I have a lot of insecurities and uncertainties within myself. But I also believe that each and everyone of us is gifted and special in our own way. It's easier said than done... but truly it is easy if we only give ourselves some slack and focus always in the positive side... and the greatness of God. By doing this, we can better see the best of ourselves. As for me, I have my list save on my phone... ;) to keep myself reminded of who I am and to do something with this gifts every day.
Uhm... kinda heavy list to start... a month in a week. But so far, it's a good eye opener... well, not just an eye but both eyes :D I realized that this LTS is more of the little things that you do everyday that stores up love & happiness which will eventually the L&H that you share with the people around you.

Now, it's time to gradually rise up from the ashes! :) 11 months more to go! :)

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